About Free Forex Education

Before we discuss what we do and how we work, it’s important that we cover something most other signal/trade idea providers don’t discuss. So let’s start things off a little different to what you may expect or perhaps are use to from a signal/trade idea provider.

Most of us trade to achieve a rewarding return on our investment but in doing so we sometimes forget the risks involved. Sometimes all we see is the potential returns on our investment. Here our priority is Risk Management. Our strategies are traded when we have high probability set up’s and a good Risk to reward ratio. We trade periods of high liquidity, major and some minor currency pairs. We trade a set position size this is 40,000 based on a £20,000 account not a % of the account. We limit the risk to 100 pips per trade and have rules in place to limit exposure on similar currencies like, too many GBP or JPY pairs. We watch for correlation between currency pairs and we limit the time we spend in trades by only taking trades on the lower time frames, 240, 60, 15, 5 and 5range. We do not trade during periods of low volatility, Asia session, Christmas, New Year or when major news or political events could affect the markets. We do all this to implement risk management and protect our and your capital.

What Do We Provide?

We provide real-time FOREX trade signals/ideas in either or both video and screen shot format with entries stops and targets.  You will receive an email when we post a signal/trade idea with a hyperlink to our website where you can watch the video on the trade idea or view the screen shot. You can now either copy these or simply use them as confluence towards your own trading strategies.

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